Residential Renovations & Design


 Our Process

Renovating can be a complicated endeavor filled with unknowns. Our goal is to provide a singular point of contact that you can trust to walk you through every step of the renovation process – from gathering ideas and finalizing design all the way to the finished product.  The decision to renovate your home is a big one, and it’s normal to have questions along the way. Having as much information as possible early in the process helps you know what to expect.

We strive to plan every aspect of the project before any work begins in order to minimize the time you spend in a construction zone. Our process:

    • Initial Consultation – 
      • Project goals are discussed and we collect all measurements needed in order to create a Project Estimate.
    • Design Consultations – 
      • Design aspects are finalized, materials are selected, and sketches are provided if applicable.
    • Final Preparation
      • Materials are ordered, a project schedule and payment schedule are drafted and presented to client, our General Contractor Agreement is signed by both parties and the start date is scheduled.
    • Work Phase – 
      • During active work, our general contractor maintains the same attention to detail and dedication to service that goes into the planning process.

 Renovation Tips

  • Know your budget. Renovating is an investment and your ideas for a dream home can easily surpass your budget. Be open about your renovation budget from the start so we can help you design your perfect space without creating financial stress!
  • Know what you like (and what you don’t). Many people enter the renovation process knowing they want a “new kitchen”, but not having a thorough idea of the styles and designs they like. Do you enjoy French Country décor? Are you more of a modern minimalist or prefer traditional décor? Spend time looking at pictures of spaces that are a similar size to yours to get a feel for what types of design will look good to you, and look good in your house. If you have a three bedroom starter home, browsing only pictures of multi-million dollar homes won’t give you the best idea of what your home could look like. Browse our boards on Pinterest or Houzz for inspiration!
  • Set aside plenty of time to select materials and review paperwork. The quicker decisions can be made during the planning process, the quicker work on your project can begin.
  • Ask questions! If you fully understand the renovation process, you’ll be able to foresee how the work may affect your day-to-day living and adjust for the fewest possible frustrations.
  • Plan how you’ll live without the work area. Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Eating out for a three-week renovation can add up quickly! Brainstorm how you can minimize this impact – prep meals ahead of time that can easily be reheated, stock up on paper plates (because washing dishes in the bathroom sink is not easy), gather lots of recipes for the grill, etc.
  • Stress is normal, but avoid panic. Your house is a work-in-progress, you’re spending money, and construction rarely goes exactly as planned, so some stress in the renovation process is to be expected. However, every situation is fixable, so keep the lines of communication open with your contractor.
  • Be flexible. As much as we try to decrease the “bumps in the road” by planning each project thoroughly before beginning, surprises are par for the course when renovating. We work hard to cope with every roadblock as it arises, but maintaining a positive attitude and flexible mindset help keep stress at bay.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who will be in charge of my project?

A. Our owner, Jeremy Irwin, functions as the General Contractor. Together with wife Kelley Irwin he will be a designer and constant point of contact throughout your project, eliminating the worry of passing information through a network of people and slowing communication.

Q. Do you work with a written contract?

A. Yes. Our General Contractor Agreement is signed by both client and contractor before any work begins. This contract explains that our price estimate for your project is fixed unless the client changes the scope of work. We also provide a project schedule as our best estimate of the time it will take to complete the project.

Q. What if I want to change the scope of work during my project?

Any changes that you consider making during your project are subject to a possible change in cost and change in project schedule. All of these changes will be submitted to you in writing before the change is made to enable you to adjust your plans or budget to accommodate.

Q. What is the typical payment schedule?

A. For most projects, 50% of the estimated cost is due before work begins, and the remaining 50% is due upon project completion. However, for larger jobs that require significant material purchases, we often require four installments of 25% of the total project cost.

Q. What measures do you take to protect my family, my home and my possessions from the elements, dust and safety hazards?

A. We make every effort to plastic off furniture and floors and cordon off work areas to reduce the tracking of dust to other areas of the home. Some dust is to be expected, but our workers clean up the project area at the end of every work day to minimize this.